Lisa Hoyt, dyken pond environmental education center

"I liked how responsive you were to everyone's suggestions. Also liked how deeply thought out your facilitation was. You helped us to filter through our various long term outcomes for the program, and to discuss some challenging issues that we were having trouble resolving on our own. You researched the topic thoroughly and were prepared, always. You helped us to think critically about some of our proposed activities, and rethink our approach to programming."

Jim bonesteel, Rensselaer plateau alliance 

"Karen helped us to realize that it was within our capacity to facilitate the development of a conservation plan in the short term and she advised us on how to proceed.... With Karen’s help we are not just making overtures to the local governments but are engaging them in a way that lets them take an active role in conservation of the Plateau while maintaining their home rule and independence."

Bethany Keene, delaware highlands conservancy

"You continuously kept me informed of your work through emails and phone calls and provided ample opportunities for everyone to ask questions and make comments or suggestions throughout the entire process. I also appreciated your continued engagement both with Conservancy staff and the partners, and your genuine investment in understanding our goals and accomplishments individually and as a group."