How can Strong Outcomes help you?

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writing in PLAIN LANGUAGE  

No matter what your expertise or audience, plain language can help make your message more effective. I can help you translate your presentations, technical documents, plans, factsheets, and websites so you can inspire your audience to take action. My approach is based on being clear and to the point, leaving your audiences knowing what to do next. 

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one-on-one Communication support

You may prefer consultations on an as-needed basis. Monthly communications support includes one or two telephone or videoconference coaching sessions for up to two hours. We might use this time to discuss strategies for upcoming meetings or presentations, identify goals and measures of success for specific activities, or practice a presentation.


planning and visioning

I use an outcome-based approach to planning and visioning. Outcomes are the results you want to achieve as a result of your work.  Building your strategy on what you want to achieve rather than what you want to do keeps you focused on the change you want to make. So when your situation inevitably changes, the plan will remain a relevant decision-making tool. 


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program design and evaluation

Outcome-based approaches can also be applied to program design and evaluation. The first step is to define your impact, then the results you need to achieve that impact (or outcomes), and lastly the activities you will conduct to produce the results and impacts you want. Verifying assumptions and researching what works elsewhere helps strengthen program design. You can use outcomes to create informative measure that are not onerous to collect. 




Need help focusing on an issue or making a decision? It can be helpful to have an outside facilitator so everyone in your organization can participate. To start, we work together to clarify outcomes and develop an agenda to meet your needs. During the meeting, I use creative brainstorming and decision-making tools to engage different learning styles and encourage full participation.